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“... I looked admiringly at your 41 paintings one by one, and I can see how, while you do not wholly dispense with the object, you reconstitute it in accordance with a rhythm that you yourself determine and not derived from the object. In your esthetic you do not concern yourself with creating fully realized forms for the sake of either ontological significance or realistic modeling; instead you successfully created structures composed of smaller elements, the planes, which in their juxtaposition, superimposition, or mingling produce a complex and pervasive rhythm which could not but win my admiration. ... I believe you are destined to be one of our greatest in painting.” – March 22, 19711


Alice G. Guillermo, ART CRITIC

The Uncommon Art of Glenn Bautista“Total and spontaneous creativity is the principle that moves Glenn Bautista, wide-ranging artist who resist tested formulas and whose prodigious work in diverse media, two-and-three-dimensional, builds a universe of striking, haunting images that continually tease and challenge the mind. If landscapes, his paintings do not have the placidity and finality of familiar land-and-sky vistas but have the uncommon quality of concealing and revealing at the same time. If abstracts, his work, never facile, poses riddles and enigmas that resist categorical answers. If three-dimensional works, they defy conventional expectations in order to extend the meaning and experience of sculpture. ...In time, it became clear that the art of Glenn Bautista is not one for the academically conservative and tradition-bound. Rather, it extends an invitation to the adventurous, being avant-garde in a quite inconspicuous way.” – 19972



“Most of Glenn’s images seem to take place in a gigantic basement, a science-fiction subterranean world where lumber and metal pipes glow with a pulsating inner light. Here are remnants of today’s world seen with surreal imagination. It is pretty, pink, yellow, red and green pastel-colored vision of glowing growing crystals. Faucets, gigantic pencils, wood, cement blocks, metals and rocks are transformed into phantasies of purity, clarity and wonder.” – March 26, 19723



Glenn, by Danny Aguila


Paul B. Zafaralla, ART CRITIC

“Originality is fast becoming synonymous with the name of Glenn A. Glenn. The first time he gained public notice, it was with his large murals about history at the University of the Philippines.... Since his graduation, he has been continually treating the art public with highly provocative artworks—aesthetically and intellectually—making it known to all that the human mind, particularly his, is capable of infinite creativity, even to the point of rendering art theories inutile. And gifted as he is with a deft hand, he has established an identity all his own, making himself as one of the few significant artists of the decade.” – December 26, 19764


Justin “Tiny” Nuyda, ARTIST-FRIEND

“Difficult to understand and impossible to contain, the rapture, anguish and character genius of Glenn Bautista flow from oil painting, pastel and pencil drawing, photography, architectural design, lithography and to theoretical experimentations. He purposely leaves much to the imagination, which often enters the domain of mental bewilderment. His evocation of this very special terrain is so strong that art critics unanimously say Glenn Bautista is always eccentric.” – 19975


1> Internationally distinguished statesman Carlos P. Romulo, then the Philippines’ foreign affairs secretary, wrote to Glenn Bautista on 22 March 1971 following his one-man exhibition, “Glenn's Works in Transparencies”, at the Savoy-Hyatt Hotel in Manila, which the Secretary ribbon-cut. He mailed the letter to the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts where Glenn completed a course in advertising.

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