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Glenn’s Pastels in Garland
Price: $66.50

Features Glenn's pastel drawings
(18"x24") done in Garland, TX
from May to August 2009. Also
includes a few articles and net
links about his stay and activities
with his wife Lorna in Garland
and other places like Mesquite,
Bobtown, Rowlett, Rockwall,
Plano, Arlington and Fort Worth.


Glenn’s Pastels in Weatherford
Price: $66.50

Features Glenn's pastel drawings
(18"x24") done in Weatherford
from August 2009 to February
2010. Also includes a few articles
and net links about his stay and
activities with his wife Lorna in
Weatherford and other places like
Peaster, Hudson oaks, Mineral
Wells, Fort Worth and Arlington.


Mirror-Image Swing Plane
Price: $118.75

I may have played this game for
quite sometime now but that
does not mean that I am
properly executing my golf
swing... try the “fine tuning
tips” I have included in this
book. They may just work for
your golf swing and enhance
your enjoyment of the game!

Art Prints of Glenn's 2010-11 Pastels in Weatherford, TX

Pastels in Weatherford

Currently Available Color Professional Art Prints of
Glenn’s 2011 Pastels in Weatherford, TX / Sizes & Prices
(includes shipping, tax, handling)

Available Sizes / Prices:

08 x 10” - $30.00
11 x 14” - $50
16 x 20” - $60
20 x 30” - $70

PROFESSIONAL COLOR PRINTING means you get outstanding color saturation with enhanced highlight and shadow detail. Creates beautiful reproduction from Glenn's original pastels with incredible fidelity. Image specialists hand-inspect each pro print to ensure incredible color accuracy, clarity and detail. Your ordered art prints are optimized for balanced color and proper exposure.

Domestic (US) shipping takes 3-6 business days. Art prints are sent to Glenn first for hand-signing, and then sent to your home addy. A hand-signed Art Print is the next best to owning Glenn's 18”x24” original pastels priced at $3,000 each. Have it framed simply to go with the selected walls/rooms of your home. Thanks for your patronage.

Currently Available 7”x10” Colorado Pastels

Colorado Pastels

Together with a 5”x7” 53-page laser-printed book on glossy, archival paper titled “Glenn’s 2010 Pastels in Colorado” (Collector’s edition),
these sketches on this album are on sale for USD $150 each.

A habit since I was a student at UST and UP, before I work on large oils or pastels, I normally do a small sketch (on vellum paper) on the subject at hand just to have an idea as to how my compositions would look like. Here are a few of these sketches I did on landscapes and compositions during our stay in Colorado. These thumbnails or small sketches many times have more spontaneity than the final, bigger artworks, and many times are completely different from the final artwork. However, I find time to further work on these sketches that they end up as final artworks, despite the size. Both the thumbnails and final artworks have their own merit and beauty.

My 1st, 2nd. 3rd & 4th Pastel Drawings in Garland, Texas / Others

Pastels in Garland

Having this “My First” album title gave me the idea of compiling some significant “my firsts” including my past experiences. This will somehow bring to order some significant events in my life that were “my firsts”. ...

Glenn's Art Outreach / 2012

Art Outreach

I came up with this “Art Outreach” program since, as a visual artist, I am quite frequently asked to submit an artwork or two to help the needy in the Philippines — both from organizations there, and here in the United States. Well, here's a program, to the best of my knowledge and ability, to properly address this concern we all have for the needy, not only in the Philippines but likewise here in the United States. You can consider myself and my own family and families belonging to the needy, as well. So, please do consider taking me up on this offer so I can go on with my art career and help the communities around as well. Thanks for your patronage. God bless. - glenn

Weatherford Art Association / Firehouse Gallery & Art Center

Hi Liberty, Lorna and I enjoyed being with all of you tonight although we were really both tired when we got there. When we left we noticed that we weren’t that tired anymore but were energized by the artists we had met. Thank you for being casual and friendly to both of us. We appreciate being a part of WAA. My art site is indicated below and you may link it with the WAA if you wish and if allowed to by WAA. ...

Our Visit with Couts United Methodist Church / Weatherford TX

Lorna and I had two United Methodist Churches to choose from for our September 20, Sunday worship. We decided to go to the church close to her facility for what reasons we really didn’t know. The photos and captions below will tell you the rest of the story.

This time, we made sure that we were entering a UMC church that we really intended to worship in and visit with our fellow UMC members. The photos below will tell you the rest of the story. ...

Old Friends @ NAFAUM

Lorna, my cute, jolly and dependable wife came in from work yesterday — and as usual, tired. But still, she was in good spirit. When I was asked what was left to be done for the day, I answered that if we were going to attend NAFAUM that night, Marilyn asked me that I fetch her so she could join too.

I was a bit tired too from having resumed working on my pastel sketches. NAFAUM is really from July 5-9, daily from 9AM-10PM) — but I have neglected my artmaking since I started working on their cover and program for the past weeks. Because of this, I decided not to participate in all its activities but to go there only after Lorna would have come home from work. There’s also ample time for me to meet with some old friends who I had not seen for decades!

Back to Lorna — after making a few important calls, Lorna said “call her so we could go” — so, I did. Marilyn, as in the past days complained of having pains with her left hand caused by a sore thumb. It was the pain’s peak that night so she had to change her mind about NAFAUM.

So, I then drove to NAFAUM (about 30mins to Midway Dr., TX) for dinner and for some Texan lessons in Square and Round Dance with all the NAFAUM delegates. There I met with a lot of old friends (literally, hehe).

Below are the photos I wish to share with you which you may zoom in (top right corner of photo) to enlarge for you to save and print. Any small amount you may wish to donate to NAFAUM for its publications, projects and other activities is most welcome. ...

Glenn’s “Sonship” Chosen for NAFAUM Cover

After some days of working on the NAFAUM program with Pastors Dick and Levy, I thought it was already ready for printing yesterday. Noontime, came Pastor Levy with the 50-page dummy only for me to discover that the white margins ate up about half and inch around of the printing area! Texts and images had to be resized, the only solution available since the paper size could not be changed. So, since the program was due today for printing, I had to work on it again until 3AM just to rest a bit and meet with Pastor Dick again at 7AM at my place here in Garland, TX. He came on time and we further edited the 50 pages after which Dick called Pastor Levy to fetch us for the three of us to go to Coit, Plano, TX, some 30 miles from my place. The rest of the story may be hinted in photos which you may view below after I have uploaded them. ...

A Few Artworks I did @ Brooks Institute / Santa Barbara, CA

I was just browsing through my old files looking for significant works I may have done in the past and have bumped into this one, “On My Way to School”. It carries this title, since, because of this half-cut tree I almost stepped on at the park (located between the place where I lived and my school along Alameda Padre Serra also known as APS by people from Santa Barbara, CA), I decided to forego my painting class under Prof. James Jarvaise. It was a well-liked piece I did so I decided to include it for the school’s annual show at the end of the year. Because of this piece, I was inspired to do a series of works related to this icon which I entitled, “Woodscapes”. After two years at school, I was able to join a group show of artists from Santa Barbara — John Cushing and Stephen Samejan where our works were exhibited at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art (SBMA). Then Art Curator, RONALD KUCHTA, made this significant group exhibition of three young artists from Santa Barbara, possible. This group exhibition coincided with the Impressionist Master Childe Hassam’s Retrospective show at the Santa Barbara Art Museum (SBMA). The rest is history.

I will search for more artworks I did of my three year stay in Santa Barbara as a student at Brooks Institute (known also as Santa Barbara Art Institute) to add to this album. ...

Glenn’s UST - UP Schoolplates / 1964-1969

I am now in the process of retrieving my UST and UP schoolplates to add to this photo album at Multiply. To those who are in possession of any of my schoolplates at UST and UP, will you be so kind to contact me [] so I can document them and add to this photo album. I am even willing to do new artworks for you in exchange for any schoolplates you hand in. ...

Carlos P. Romulo / Letter to Artist Glenn

A photo album composed of Carlos P. Romulo’s personal letter to Artist Glenn A. Bautista and photos lifted from LIFE Magazine to remember him by.

A 1971 Letter, from the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, United Nations Secretary-General Carlos P. Romulo to 24 yr old Glenn Bautista, mailed to him soon after one of his early One-Man Art Exhibitions at the Savoy-Hyatt Hotel in Manila, which Sec. Romulo formally opened. Glenn says, “I visited Sec. Romulo’s place in Forbes Park, Makati a few times and did a mural painting for him while the secretary was doing his karate workout at his gym. It was a usual thing for him to send flowers and a bunch of grapes for my mother. We also corresponded when I was a student at Brooks Institute of Fine Art, Santa Barbara, CA. I had lost all his letters to me including the one shortly before his car accident.” ...

Ruined Frames, Certificates & Photos by Termites

If not for the observant eyes of George and Jason, I would not have remembered an old storage I made to keep some of the family’s certificates, diplomas and other documents. But, almost in vain, sadly, most of them had been ruined by termites for the entire room on the second floor is made of wood. Moisture from the wide cool windows invited termites to join these documents to make it their habitat.

These may be my sources for another type of art in the next months to come before we settle in the US. These family documents will have a special place in this art space. ...

Recovered Certificates / Awards / Photos - Glenn Bautista

The following certificates/awards have always been hidden from view until we moved out of our Imus place back to BF Homes again. Most of these certificates have been enhanced to have a clearer presentation which otherwise could hardly be read and appreciated when viewed in their sorry-soggy state.

Here’re four of the only remaining certificates/awards to Glenn Bautista found in his old studio in BF Homes. Most of his documents are still in Germany and some were lost in his Imus studio due to several break-ins when his studio was left unguarded for several days. Any other documents on his art to be found will be included in this album. — June 28, ‘08

And now, there are two more added in this album. — July 1, ‘08 ...

Glenn’s Art Lecture at EIS

European International School / November 17 / 12:30 - 3:30 pm

David and I were kind of done with things we could do in the house the previous night so the next morning we decided to do something different. Some weeks back I received a call from the art teacher, Nicole Huber, of the European International School regarding a possible art lecture I may conduct for her art class. This was made possible by a BF tennis-mate friend, Philip Durant, a Belgian executive from that school.

A few weeks earlier, Philip contacted me regarding the need for an art teacher at the International School at the Fort. The art teacher was to have her maternity leave and would be gone for some months, thus the need for a substitute. I made contact with her and agreed to teach but not immediately for I had other matters to attend to. Not too long then, I contacted them again only to learn that they already found one to take her place. Anyway, to cut the story short, because of the circumstances, I recently got an invite from the European International School where Philip is directly connected.

So, David and I decided to visit the school that morning to make sure that we get there without getting lost for the lecture date was already set for next Thursday. The photo on the right was what greeted us when we entered the “La Cabane” resto, the place where we were supposed to meet with Nicole Huber come Thursday. ...

College of Fine Arts - 1963-69 / University of the Philippines
Glenn in Sta. Ana, Manila

Anything that I find about myself and Sta. Ana will be featured in this album. Here are my first contributions, although I can’t be so proud of this front and back report card — forging my father’s signature on the fifth period? Did I do that?

I guess, I changed my mind — I found a lot of photos of the family’s 8 yr stay at Wesley Methodist Church so I might as well include all the photos for they are too familiar with me, I mean the members of the church, not to include them. ...

Discovered Slide Transparencies / Construction of Glenn’Studio, Imus, Cavite

My old reliable Umax slide transparency scanner is no longer operating, not its own fault but perhaps Windows... for it could only operate on Window’s 98 and an update for the driver for the scanner is not available. I had to rid off my Windows 98 for it started to slow down my pc. The solution, take direct Canon G7 digital photos of the slides against the afternoon sun with a macro lens and further enhance with Photoshop. Here are the slides, digitized. ...

First AAP National Convention ‘86 Program / Design by Glenn Bautista
AAP Annual Art Competition ‘93 / cover art by Glenn

A funny thing happened — a few days ago, I visited Artist Tiny Nuyda to get my copies of the Fil-Kulisap Journal that featured my drawing of Tiny’s butterfly discovery “Nuydaeorum”. While having our “guyabano” juice” from Toots, I then asked if he had a copy of the AAP brochure which cover I designed for the 1993 AAP Art Competition. He said, “I’m sorry, I don’t have a copy of the AAP brochure, don’t you have one? Knowing this story behind, look closer to the cover page and others closely and take it from there. ...

Thumbnails for Oils

Thoughts, ideas for painting cannot be better expressed or merely noted down by way of thumbnails or notes of what the artist intends to paint, carve, construct, make films, stage props for plays, etc.

Looking back there’s just something about these automatic sketches that fluidly, spontaneously come out of the artist’s brain which he himself may not be normally aware of, for he is definitely operating on another level. It is as if one is playing God with ideas, concepts only the artist knew. Here are a few of those very old doodles I had done in the past which normally I wouldn’t show to anybody. Now, I care to show them just to make myself a bit transparent after you have, by now, seen most of my final artworks which origin or source you, the audience, never got to know. ...

Pananaw / NHA Magazine / Cover by Glenn

Pananaw / Official Publication of the National Housing Authority /
Volume 2, Number 6, December, 1979 ...

Philippine ROTARY Magazine Covers by Glenn / 1985-1986

Philippine ROTARY / Official Regional Magazine /
R.I. Districts 379, 380, 391, 382, 385, 386, 387 ...

An Afternoon Visit to My Lepidopterist-Artist friend, Tiny Nuyda

It has been sometime since I have spent time with an old friend who I have learned a lot from especially about butterflies, and collecting butterflies. We have done a lot of things together since before the ‘80’s and surprisingly, we find ourselves now at the departure area — so they say! Darts, golf, chess, swimming, fishing, photography... name it, we’ve done it, not to mention our days spent in Ermita during our bachelor years.

If one understands much about butterflies, one automatically knows much about nature. This is what Tiny has shown to me during the days we hunted together for butterflies I never knew about before. Certain butterflies feed on certain food plants, so you know where to wait for them and at which time of the year. Anyway, here are a few photos David my son shot this afternoon at Tiny’s place. I did a few shots of David and Tiny too. BTW, Tiny game me three copies of the FIL-KULISAP, the Insect Society of the Philippines’ journal where my drawing of his butterfly discovery, named after him — “Nuydaeorum”, has been featured. ...

Childrens’ Museum & Library Inc.

I just graduated from my high school (UHS) then when, Atty. Pompeyo Gregorio, a member of the United Methodist Central Church where my father was the pastor, approach me about my plans after high school. That conversation resulted in my being a CMLI scholar for the duration of my college academic days at the University of the Philippines. I was enjoying a university scholarship at UP because of my grades and at the same time, a scholarship from CMLI. I was pretty well off, then. Thank God for Atty. Pompeyo Gregoria and Dr. Fernanda Balboa, founder of CMLI. ...

The Philippine Ecumenical Review

Ecumenical News as it happens, at home and around the world. ...

Glenn Visits Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A., June / 1972

A large four by five foot painting of Mrs. Virginia Davis Laskey, Ruston, La., former president of the Women’s Division of the Methodist Board of Missions, now greets visitors and students at the entrance of the Virginia Davis Laskey Library on the Scaritt College campus in Nashville.

Painted by Filipino Artist Glenn Bautista, the modernistic portrait was dedicated in brief ceremonies on June 20. Present for the unveiling were the artist, Mr. and Mrs. Laskey, their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Kilpatrick, and their granddaughter, Ann. A large number of missionaries and Board of Missions personnel attending a conference on the campus were present along with other Scarritt and church officials.

Dr. Gerald H. Anderson, Scarritt president, paid tribute to Mrs. Laskey for her contribution to Scarritt, to the Women’s Division, and to the church at large.

Upon seeing the painting for the first time, Mrs. Laskey said she was “enchanted”. In soft tones, blending realism with a kind of ethereal quality characteristic of all of Mr. Bautista’s work, the painting shows the smiling face of Mrs. Laskey in shades of brown and grey amidst swirls and a yellow circle which the artist said suggests many things including eternity. “Attempt Great Things for God”, the motto of Scarritt, also appears in the painting along with Gothic architectural lines common to the campus.

Mr. Bautista has been in the United States studying under the funds provided by the United Methodist Crusade Scholarship program.

Following the unveiling an art exhibit was opened in the library featuring the works of Mr. Bautista and another Filipino artist, Dani Aguila, a former Scarritt student who now works for a Nashville advertising agency and is widely known for his political comment and cartoons. ...

Portraits by Glenn (1965-2002)

I was just cleaning up my files from my built-in and external hard disks to gain more space to avoid buying a new HD when I came across some files of portraits I had done since 1965-2002. So far these are yet the inclusive years that I have discovered from the numerous HDs I have. Anyway, here’s a portrait compilation to give you an idea of portraits I had done. ...

Glenn’s Yessy Art Site / Art Criticism / Articles
The Event / Christmas Int’l Art Contest

It was 1965 and I was 17 years old when my father, a Methodist minister, encouraged me to join an International Art Competition where submitted artworks were to be exhibited at the New York World’s Fair. 60 world entries were submitted and visitors at the fair casually voted for the artwork they wished to win. I almost reached the ceiling of our house jumping for joy, when I received a registered “airmail” letter from World Lit-Lit & Christian Literature that I had won the art competition.

Not too long since the announcement, I received a check and some boxes containing Christmas cards of my artwork, “The Event”. I was never the same since then, and had carried on the same passion, with a few interruptions, to paint up to the present time. Below is a bit of text I submitted to suggest or guide the viewer as to what I had in mind when I worked on this award winning piece.

“The Birth Scene is THE EVENT designed by God to usher into the world the Kingdom of Heaven. The faint outline of the world, cross, and Bible suggest that the translation of THE EVENT into human experience has not proceeded far enough. But modern man need not accept defeat! The three Wise Men and their modern counterparts are still persistently pointing to the Star of Bethlehem as the one sure hope of peace,” says artist Glenn Bautista, of Manila.

“The Event” (tempera on board), First Prize Winner, International Christmas Art Competition, New York World’s Fair, New York, N.Y., U.S.A., World Literacy and Christian Literature, NCC 475 Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y. 10027 @ WLCL, Printed in U.S.A. ...

The Event / by Glenn A. Bautista

At the net, I was searching for one of the first artworks I did in 1965 while I was yet a 17 yr old art student at UP, and I wrote on the search box: “world lit-lit, world's fair 1965”.

The URL below was what came out:

From the search, to my surprise, came out my artwork, The EVENT and a photo of my father. This was the very early work that started me painting for this was the entry (with my father’s help) I submitted at the New York World’s Fair amongst 60 world artwork entries. Walk-in viewers at the New York World’s Fair Gallery voted for my artwork, “The EVENT” as the First prize winner of the World Literacy and Christian Literature International Art Competition / New York World’s Fair, New York, NY, USA / 1965.

May the message of this early artwork, this Christmastime, continue to be with you and contribute to world peace. God bless. ...

Tagalog Pre-hispanic Handwriting & David

My correspondence with Wawi Navarroza (, a great young visual artist, is the reason why we have these cyberpages of my research on Filipino Phonetic-Syllabic Handwriting. I had to go back to the some stories behind for the readers to understand the significance of such exquisite handwritings, which topic got initiated upon Wawi’s invite to a lecture on the Mangyan tribe.

This page I am writing about, right now, started just because of my 11 year old son’s urgent desire to communicate solely with his intimate friends in school and avoid being understood by his other classmates who do not really belong to their “culture”. At first, it was my German book that he tried to learn and share with his friends but, proving to be too difficult and taking too long to learn, David thought of other ways to communicate which would not require so much study and research. He was starting to make his own drawings, alphabets and icons that may only be associated with his group, but finally stopped in desperation in achieving his goal and shifted his interest to “rock climbing”. Here’re his leftovers and a few notes I did in Palawan and at the National Museum.

So far, I have not heard of any effort done by the government, nor any of our scholars of the vernacular or national dialect which is Tagalog, to digitally transform these original Tagalog Phonetic/Syllabic to digital icons that may have their applications to the present confused Filipino society. My experience tells me that truly, these original Pre-Hispanic alphabets can have their present applications for I had used this Tagalog handwriting to communicate with my ex-German wife, writing each other in Tagalog, English and German, for writing the sounds of any language with these Tagalog Phonetic/Syllabic Alphabets is what makes it work and be understood. Anybody interested? Pls contact me. ...

From Glenn’s to David’s Childhood

In this album are a few stories I can remember of my childhood in Olongapo, Zambales and pictures that are still with me. I promise to add more as soon as I am able to write about it. My elder sister, Ate Necy, corresponds with me via email and helps confirm our past experiences with family and friends. ...

Out of God’s Grace

A mysterious experience at dawn having waken up, perhaps, for a good reason. David, my son, was awakened too and witnessed this visual experience. This was a 3D experience and this 2D photo doesn’t really capture the moment but merely gives you an idea. ...


A close-up digital documentation of an “Ant War” that occured early in the morning. ...