Glenn’Studio in Imus, Cavite


“Glenn’Studio” is a personal statement expressed through the medium of architectural design. Literally perceived as unique structurally compared to generally-accepted architectural designs, the entire edifice is in its purest sense intended to be truly structural. Foremost in my mind during its conception was its strength and simplicity — by using the least and lightest available materials such as thin deformed bars, wire mesh and compressed cement — thus deriving its design and texture predominantly from the macro design of human and/or animal bones.

Glenn’Studio ‘08 by Glenn

GLENN’STUDIO ‘08 BY GLENN (part of Heaven&Earth Oils series)

The structure occupies a space of less than 1,000 sq. meters — fashioned into this distinctive shape and form by five workers and myself, a welder, two masons and an assistant over a span of 12 years. Our only son David was only over a year old when we started to build it.

Glenn’Studio: facade


Major factors considered in its conception and planning included the elements such as weather, earthquake, temperature, and also insects and animals that thrive in the area that would directly affect those who will reside in the vicinity. These very factors determined to a very large degree the shape, width, height, aero-hydro dynamics and materials this piece of sculptural art has been built with. Personally, I believe this is the ideal design for a Filipino home because it can withstand the test of time as it becomes exposed to the elements in nature through the coming years.

Glenn’Studio: rooftop


One of the Fort’s Global City architects named Roy verbally described this four storey structure as a standing piece of sculpture that although it stands high yet it carries no weight — for the support itself is the weight! He once said that “most buildings around Metro-Manila may fall if struck with a big earthquake but not this one”. Its base has the thickest floor — the walls and its materials get thinner as it gets higher. Like a piece of lego, a kid may throw it to the floor and it will seek its own weight to stand on its base!

Without the compressed cement that serves as its muscles and the wire mesh as its cartilages and tendons, the entire structure would stand by itself as if it was a welded human skeleton!

Glenn’Studio: workshop